Bathing & Hygiene

Happy Senior Woman in bath tub enjoying her bath - Best Senior Care Orange County Bath and Hygiene

We help make life easier and more enjoyable for you and your family. Assisting a family member or someone you know in bathing care services can feel awkward both for you and them. In-home care can be the right solution for you or your loved one. Best Senior Care Orange County offers bathing services for elders too frail or sick to take care of themselves or for those just requiring a little assistance.

Take a moment to put yourself in their shoes. Younger individuals rarely have difficulty getting in and out of the shower or tub safely, reaching up to wash their hair, discerning which products are intended for certain areas of the body (and in which order), or staying warm during and after bathing. Our loved ones can tire and catch chills easily, and for those with dementia, multi-step processes can be very overwhelming.

Once you’ve found the underlying reasons for their refusal to bathe, you can devise ways to adapt this process to make them feel safer, more comfortable and less confused. If you are lucky enough to care for someone who will let you assist with these tasks, you may still be unsure of the best way to go about tasks like brushing someone else’s teeth or helping them dress and undress without making them self-conscious. Tips, strategies and even product suggestions from fellow caregivers and elder care specialists who have personal experience in this area can be immensely helpful.

One of our highly trained in home caregivers will arrive at the home and provide bathing and other grooming services. This ensures that the senior receives proper hygiene maintenance and helps avoid falls associated with slippery floors and transferring in and out of the shower or tub. Above all else it provides families peace of mind knowing their loved one will be clean and in good hands.