Dementia Care

Caregiver holding seniors hand - Best Senior Care Orange County Dementia Care

Among the many struggles, we go through in life memory loss can be particularly devastating for loved ones and their families. It’s important to understand just what memory loss is and what Dementia means; having a standard lapse in one’s memory doesn’t necessarily rise to the level of having Dementia. We’re all human and our brains are sometimes overwhelmed with information, thoughts, and memories which can cause lapses or make certain things harder to remember. 

There are two forms of memory; short-term, sometimes referred to as working memory, which holds information that we use “right now”, long-term memory, which is an accumulation of our experiences and historical memories. In most people, it’s normal that over a lifetime those long-term memories are a bit blurred and not totally always clear. There are also other causes of memory loss; for example, stress and hearing difficulties, both of which are treatable. 

Again, it’s important to remember that “mild” memory loss or forgetfulness is normal and just a part of getting older. In order to correctly diagnose if you have Dementia consult with your primary care physician alongside your home care provider if you have one. A home caregiver can assist you and your loved ones when speaking with a doctor to find out if you are experiencing early stages of Dementia or Alzheimer’s. We understand that no matter the reason for memory lapses they are extremely frustrating. We urge you or your loved ones to stay on top of it, reach out for help, and most importantly don’t ignore the problem. If and when your family and doctor reach the conclusion that dementia is identified we provide dementia care to support all parts of the process. 

At Best Senior Care Orange County we aim and focus on caring for seniors entire life, helping with revitalizing the mind, energizing their bodies, and forming important and meaningful life experiences. We create a unique program for each one of our seniors and their families that are established around the most current research but also works with what’s needed in their specific situation. We reinforce familiar routines and work with the family to create an environment that fosters not only physical but also emotional security. Discover how Best Senior Care Orange County distinctive approach offers peace of mind and quality care.