Medication Reminders

Caregiver reminding senior about her medication - Best Senior Care Orange County Medication Reminders

Do you sometimes get worried that your loved one may be missing their medication schedule? Medication reminders is a simple and low-cost solution to keep your loved one at home longer. We will ensure that the senior is correctly taking their medication on time and consistently. Amongst other things, medication reminders are meant to offer a loved one’s family with a new peace of mind. We all have obligations and it’s sometimes difficult to balance work, family, and taking care of a loved one. Seniors today are expected to remember and follow a highly complex medication regimen which isn’t always realistic. In order to get ahead of home care assistants which have a high cost or leaving the home for an assisted living facility, we have implemented this cost-effective solution. 

In almost all cases, the senior just can’t follow the complex medication schedule/regimen which can be from common conditions such as hypertension or diabetes. This causes some uncertainty in family members and loved ones but that’s why Best Senior Care Orange County is here, we will work with your loved one and your family and bring some peace of mind. We don’t want you to have to make difficult decisions about home care under this stressful mindset, it can be that your loved one is perfectly okay at home but just needs some supervision when it comes to taking their medications.

Our medication reminder services fill this cap in your loved one’s home care easily and affordable. Under the medication reminder plan, the senior would receive periodic and customizable medication reminders in as much or as little detail as you which for them to receive. Either yourself or the senior can update the medication reminders as often as is needed. All that being said, we do understand the level of trust that is attained by having a trustworthy caregiver in your loved one’s home no matter what. We strive to provide whatever type of care is required to keep your loved one safe and healthy in their own home.